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Freezer Paper

Freezer Paper
Freezer paper and Hamburger patty paper are both available from One Stop Jerky Shop. Purchase the freezer paper or locker paper in large rolls which are perfect for wrapping many deer or buy it in smaller amounts. Hamburger patty paper keeps your burgers from sticking and can also be used between your steaks.
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Freezer Paper Cutter - 15 in. or 18 in.

$17.99 $29.99

All steel grey finish - use on counter top, under counter or on wall. Choose 15" or 18" size. PAPER NOT INCLUDED.Don't forget the [category_id=85]Freezer Paper[/category_id]...

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Freezer Tape Dispenser

$7.99 $9.99

This freezer tape dispenser is indispensable when packing foods for the freezer! With its weighted non-slip base you won't have to chase your tape around the table anymore. 11-0201Weighted, no-slip rubber base2 piece spool fits 3" or 1" core tapesIncludes one roll of freezer tape - 3/4" x 44 yardsAd..



Patty Paper Sheets keep your patties independent from one another and prevent them from sticking and freezing together. Made in USA This restaurant-grade paper is wax-impregnated. These simple yet effective sheets will make your cooking easier and eliminate the frustration of having to pry meat apar..

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