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High Temp Cheese

High Temp Cheese

High Temp Cheese adds great flavor to your sausage and won't melt during the cooking or smoking process since it has a 400 degree F melting point. Great for summer sausage, brats, and snack sticks. Our High Temp Cheese is conveniently packaged into 1 lbs. packages and already diced into 1/4" pieces for a ready to use product. Choose one of our popular high temp cheeses to use in your next batch of homemade sausage.

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High Temp Pepper Jack Cheese


High Temp Pepper Jack Cheese can be used in such products as Bratwurst, Summer Sausage and Wieners or any other sausage you can imagine. The 1/4" diced size is a perfect size for all types of sausages and snack sticks. High Temperature cheese allow you to put cheese in your meat products and the che..

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