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Use these poly ham nets for smoking pork hams, turkeys, roasts, bacon, deer hams and shoulders. Keeps your smoked product tight which makes it easier to remove when you're done smoking your meat. Can be used to hang your meat in the smoker as well. 212° max temperature rating. 33" long and you get ..

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Sausage Making Cookbook

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The author of Sausage Making instructs you in how to use the different types of casings, types of bacteria to be aware of, smokehouses and how to make one. He then explains the various types of sausage; fresh, dry and semi-dry, as well as jerky making. There are over 230 recipes of every kind of sau..



The stockinette is a 50/50 poly/cotton blend and are great for smoking. The tight weave of the stockinette captures the juices imparting optimal flavor to your smoked products. Great for use with Chicken, Turkey and Hams. 212° max temperature rating. 32" long and you get 10 nets per package...

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The Complete Venison Cookbook

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The Complete Venison Cookbook addresses virtually every aspect of venison processing, preparation, cooking, and preservation.Beginning with basic recipes for home and camp to preparing and presenting venison for the most elegant dining occasions, there are over 700 venison recipes for steaks, chops,..

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