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Freezer Paper Cutter - 15 in. or 18 in.

$17.99 $29.99

All steel grey finish - use on counter top, under counter or on wall. Choose 15" or 18" size. PAPER NOT INCLUDED.Don't forget the [category_id=85]Freezer Paper[/category_id]...

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Freezer Tape Dispenser

$7.99 $9.99

This freezer tape dispenser is indispensable when packing foods for the freezer! With its weighted non-slip base you won't have to chase your tape around the table anymore. 11-0201Weighted, no-slip rubber base2 piece spool fits 3" or 1" core tapesIncludes one roll of freezer tape - 3/4" x 44 yardsAd..



Hamburger Patty Paper Sheets keep your patties independent from one another and prevent them from sticking and freezing together. Made in USA This restaurant-grade hamburger patty paper is wax-impregnated. These simple yet effective sheets will make your cooking easier and eliminate the frustration ..

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Hand Operated Meat Cuber / Tenderizer

$129.99 $149.00

This heavy duty Weston Brand meat tenderizer has 31 sturdy stainless steel blades on two rollers and cuts into the toughest meat up to 3/4" thick. This unit assures you of tender steaks. The stainless steel combs prevent the meat from wrapping around the blades. Made of heavy duty cast iron and..

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Hi Mountain Jerky King

$41.99 $49.99

Want to cut jerky meat to the same thickness every time? Then here is a beef jerky making tool for you. Simply lay your favorite cut of meat down on the board and slide the knife along the cutting board guides to create the perfect slice of meat for homemade beef jerky. Then simply cut into the widt..



Our Hickory Jerky Making Kit contains the concentrated flavor of rich hickory smoke. Get full-flavored, robust smoky taste as if cooking over open flames. Makes a great homemade snack and is perfect for camping, hunting or going to the weekend game.Blend with ground or sliced meat of beef, pork, chi..

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Home Sausage Making

$12.99 $19.99

A complete guide for the home sausage maker. This book discusses equipment, ingredients, stuffing, curing, smoking and preserving using all types of meat, poultry, game and fish. A heavy emphasis is placed on the healthy aspect of making and eating sausage and cured meats. There are hundreds of reci..



This Honey BBQ Jerky Kit is a blend of honey and zesty BBQ making this one of our most popular beef jerky kits. Delightfully sweet and tangy! Makes a great homemade snack and is perfect for camping, hunting or going to the weekend game.Blend with ground or sliced meat of beef, pork, chicken or venis..

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Internal Meat Thermometer

$18.99 $29.99

NO MORE OVER COOKING. The thermometer with alarm and timer is great for sausage making. Temperature probe stays in meat or sausage while door is shut. The 36" probe cord with heat resistant (up to 500 degrees) silicon covering allows the door to close while the probe measures internal temperature of..

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Jerky Book

$12.99 $17.99

If it walks, flies or swims, this book will show you how to make jerky from ground meat, meat strips or chunks of meat. The book covers jerky making from the pioneer days up to the modern methods of today. Learn to make jerky in the dehydrator, oven smoker, sun and other ways. A whole section is dev..

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Jerky Hanger - LEM Products

$31.99 $33.99

Beef Jerky strips are easy to make with the LEM Products Jerky Hanger. The strong stainless steel rack holds 9 stainless steel skewers. The 7" high rack sits conveniently inside an 18" x 13" aluminum pan to catch the drips. Situate the rack in the pan and place in your oven or smoker. The rack folds..

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Jerky Slicer - Clamp On

$119.99 $139.99

Want to make delicious Beef Jerky at home, but hate the thought of all that cutting? Let this Weston Products Manual Jerky Slicer cut it for you! This Manual Jerky Slicer converts any cut of meat into perfect jerky strips in a few seconds. With just the turn of a handle a series of 32 stainless..

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