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Recipe for Breakfast Sausage

Breakfast Sausage Instructions

If Grinding Your Own Meat

•  Dice the meat according to the size of your grinder, usually 1” squares.
•  Weigh the meat after dicing. Don’t guess!
•   Measure the proper amount of seasoning according to the mixing guide below.
•  Place meat in large mixing bowl and sprinkle lightly with seasoning, tumble the meat while seasoning to get a small amount of seasoning on each piece. Sprinkle all seasoning and tumble again.
•  The meat is now ready to grind, however, if the meat has warmed up to room temperature it is better to let the seasoned meat cool down in the refrigerator three or four hours. Cold meat grinds much better than warm.
•  Grind the meat as fast as possible being careful not to overload the grinder. Moisture will be produced as the meat sets, this moisture will aid in the grinding process.
•  After grinding, mix 1/4 cup ice water per 1 lb. of meat. Mix thoroughly with your bare hands.

You’re delicious homemade sausage is ready to cook, refrigerate or freeze! Make breakfast sausage patties, links or leave ground to use in breakfast burritos or in recipes. Fresh sausage will last 3 days in the refrigerator.

Mixing Guide

24 lbs. of ground meat with 2 pouches of seasoning

12 lbs. of ground meat with 1 pouch of seasoning  

6 lbs. of ground meat with 1/4 C. of seasoning

3 lbs. of ground meat with 2 T. of seasoning

1 1/2 lbs. of ground meat with 1 T. of seasoning

*Sweet Italian seasons 22 lbs. of ground meat with 2 pouches and 11 lbs. of ground meat with 1 pouch.

Note: Homemade breakfast sausage is often made with 100% pork. If you don’t butcher your own pork we recommend buying pork trim that is at least 70% lean or buying a Boston Butt pork roast. It is easy to bone a Boston Butt as it has only one small bone, other cuts work equally as well. Hi Mountain Seasonings breakfast sausage is delicious made with wild game. We strongly recommend using at least 30% pork in your wild game mixture.

Making Breakfast Sausage Links

Making link sausage requires a sausage stuffer or Hi Mountain’s Link Master Kit / Jerky Gun.
•     Feed the casing strand onto the stuffing nozzle of a grinder or Hi Mountain’s Link Master / Jerky Gun. (Spraying the nozzle with a little non stick oil helps the casings slide easier). Loosen two inches of the casing at the end that is not tucked in and feed this onto the nozzle.  Push the casing onto the nozzle until no more will fit.  The whole casing strand may not fit onto the nozzle. Cut off excess and tie the end.
•     Stuff the casing with the seasoned ground meat mixture.  Stuff casing until firm being careful not to over-stuff to prevent a break when twisting. Puncture the casings near air bubbles as they occur with a needle for a firm consistent link. Stuff to the desired length then twist to create links.
•      Put in a plastic bag and refrigerate to cure overnight.