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Scale / Thermometer

Scale / Thermometer
Scales are a must so you are assured to have the correct amount of meat or seasoning when making sausage or beef jerky. You will need a thermometer to be sure the meat gets to the right temperature during the cooking or smoking process.
  • -38%
Dual Sensor Meat Thermometer

$24.99 $39.99

Great for Smokehouses, with this thermometer and timer you can measure the internal temperature of the meat and the temperature of the smokehouse or oven at the same time. Preset the internal temperature and the alarm sounds when the preset temperature is reached. The flexible probe wire is 38" long..

  • -34%
Hanging Scale - 330 lbs

$32.99 $49.99

This well-designed LEM Products scale is compact, extremely accurate and easy to read. Unlike spring-loaded scales, there are no coils to break. Weighs any game animal up to 330 lbs. yet stores easily in the corner of your gear bag. This scale has a tare button for adjusting for your gambrel or hang..

  • -37%
Internal Meat Thermometer

$18.99 $29.99

NO MORE OVER COOKING. The thermometer with alarm and timer is great for sausage making. Temperature probe stays in meat or sausage while door is shut. The 36" probe cord with heat resistant (up to 500 degrees) silicon covering allows the door to close while the probe measures internal temperature of..

  • -28%
Kitchen Scale - 22 lbs

$17.99 $24.99

This sturdy scale weighs items up to 22 lbs in 2 oz. increments and kilograms by 50 gram increments. Ideal for the home user. White styrene housing with clear protective lens and chrome tray. One year warranty...

  • -26%
Remote Meat Thermometer - Timer & Alarm

$36.99 $49.99

With this remote thermometer you can set the required internal temperature of the meat and monitor the cooking process from up to 100 feet away, even from the comfort of inside your house. When the preset temperature is reached, an alarm will sound on the remote monitor lets you know the meat is coo..

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