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One Stop Jerky Shop, LLC

International Shipping

My country isn't available as a shipping option, now what?

The international orders we are currently allowing to be processed directly through our site are to Canada. If you are in another country besides Canada please email use our Contact Us page to get a quote, please include the items you wish to purchase along with the delivery address for faster service.

International Order, Custom Duties, Taxes and Import VAT:

When a package is shipped internationally, it may be subject to import taxes, customs duties, and/or fees imposed by the destination country. These charges will typically be due once the shipped goods arrive at the country of destination. You are responsible with ensuring to comply with laws and regulations of the country of destination. One Stop Jerky Shop does not have any responsibility on these additional charges that may apply.

Please note that certain countries may require certain documentation before the items are sent. If the necessary information is not provided, this may result in delays in the order.

Who Pays for Customs Fees?

Buyers pay the additional costs such as duties, taxes, and customs clearance fees. Import charges can vary widely but are most commonly based on the price and type of item, package weight and dimensions, origin country, and the taxes, duties, and fees of the destination country.

Duty and Taxation:

One Stop Jerky Shop is not responsible for any duty, taxes or other associated import fees that your government may impose. These additional costs are the sole responsibility of the buyer. Any taxes and possible duty are assessed and calculated by your government when your package enters Customs and are collected from you when your local shipping service delivers your package. You may have to pick-up your package at your local postal office in some cases at which time you may have to pay these fees at that time.

So what does my Shipping Fee include?

One Stop Jerky Shop only charges what it costs to ship your order, any additional import fees are the customers responsibility.

Orders Held Up At Your Country's Border and Disposal Issues:

Customs can hold your order for reasons that they may suspect as warranted. This usually involves a parcel search, product quarantine, or items within the parcel that may cause some concern with customs officials. These held up orders are not the responsibility of One Stop Jerky Shop and can only be resolved by you and your local postal authorities. In the event that your country's inspection agency quarantines, disposes or otherwise discards material which is not allowed into your country, this will become the sole responsibility of the buyer and, One Stop Jerky Shop will not issue a replacement nor refund for such occurrences. It is the responsibility of the buyer to know what is allowed into the country and what is not.

Questions Regarding Canadian Customs?

Any questions regarding Canadian Customs clearance of specific items as well as taxes and possible duty should be directed to Canadian Customs.

The following links might be of help:

How will my order be shipped?

International orders are shipped via US Postal Service Priority Mail International and the transits time are generally 6-10 days to most areas. Orders will be shipped with a Commercial Invoice and Customs Declaration Form. You may need your Sales Receipt to pick-up the package, this was emailed to you when you placed the order or you can find a copy on our site under your Account History.

Refused Package?

We are not responsible for fees incurred because of refused merchandise and we are not responsible for customs and tariff fees imposed by your country. All of these are the responsibility of the importer. If the package for whatever reason is shipped back to us we will contact you regarding your options, initial shipping fees will not be refunded and any additional fees may be applied as well. Restocking fees of 15% may apply as well.

Contact Us with questions?

If you have any questions concerning International Ordering please email us through our Contact US page.