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Electric Meat Grinder

Electric Meat Grinder
Electric Meat Grinders from One Stop Jerky Shop are built to last and will provide years of service. Brands such as Tasin and Weston Brands are some of the leading grinders on the market. Our Electric Meat Grinders are able to grind meat as well as soft bones such as those found in chicken, rabbit and even turkey when using the large commercial grade meat grinder. Electric Meat Grinders make very fast work of any meat processing job you may have. perfect for the home meat processor.
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Tasin TS-108 Electric Meat Grinder #12

$179.99 $189.99

Available early April - please be patient!The Tasin TS-108 Electric Meat Grinder #12 by One Stop Jerky Shop now includes 3 each Stainless Steel Plates and Blades!This #12 electric meat grinder is perfect for making homemade beef jerky and sausage at home. With a 1200 watt motor, the Tasin Electric M..

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