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Discounted Meat Processing Products as well as clearance products ranging from beef jerky seasonings to electric meat grinders. These On Sale items are an inexpensive way to get into processing your own meat at home.
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2" Stainless Steel Stuffing Tube

$20.99 $28.99

2" Stainless Steel Meat Grinder Stuffing Tube by LEM Products has a 6" long shaft. Used to stuff casings for salami, bologna, summer sausage, etc. Also used to fill poly bags with ground meat or sausage. Dishwasher Safe. You must select your grinders size from the drop-down menu. See our [inf..

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6" Sausage Nozzle

$7.99 $12.99

This 3/4" stainless steel round sausage nozzle connects to your Jerky Gun turning your jerky gun into a sausage stuffer. Just slide the casings onto the nozzle and you can make all types of sausage like Bratwurst, Italian, Polish, etc. The base of the nozzle where it connects to the jerky gun i..

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Plastic Stuffing Tube Set - 1 9/16 inch base

$9.99 $17.99

These Plastic Sausage Stuffer Tubes are 1 9/16" at the base where they connect to the sausage stuffer and are almost 5" long. Tube sizes are 1/2" (12mm), 3/4" (19mm), and 7/8" (22mm) ID and the OD measurements are 11/16" (17mm), 7/8" (22mm) and 1" (25mm). Very little taper.For use with many bra..

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Universal Stuffing Tube Kit

$21.99 $26.99

This universal Stuffing Tube Kit is made of plastic and has slightly tapered shafts. Simply select the size stuffing tube you want to use and slide it through the correct ring. You get everything shown plus the Stuffing Stars to keep the auger in place while you stuff sausage casings and making your..

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Vacuum Sealer Roll - 15 inch x 50 feet

$21.99 $25.99

These Weston Products heavy-duty vacuum bags can be microwaved, boiled, frozen and BPA Free. Can be cut to any length you like and is perfect for those long items like fish. They are dishwasher-safe and can be reused and resealed with your favorite Vacuum Sealer Appliance. Special channels inside th..

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Vacuum Sealer Zipper Bags - 11 inch x 16 inch

$15.99 $22.99

The VacMaster® Zipper bag, with patented full mesh technology, allows you to vacuum package food in a re-closeable zipper bag. Our full mesh design, combined with a zipper, allows you to load food in the open end opposite the zipper, and vacuum package it until you are ready to use. VacMaster®..

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Weston Jerky Gun Jr.

$22.99 $34.99

The Weston Jerky Gun Jr has a 1 lb capacity and lets the whole family make homemade jerky, snack sticks, and sausage quickly and easily. The easy to squeeze trigger on the Weston Jerky Gun Jr makes it even fun for the kids, simply load the barrel and squeeze the meat onto the drying racks or into s..

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