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FAQ About Dehydrators

Am I going to get my money's worth?
Your Dehydrator can pay for itself in as few as six months! That's because they are extremely affordable to begin with. When you add up the money you'll save on food bills it would be hard to find a tool that is a better value.

Is it less expensive to buy dried foods or dry them myself?
It costs you about ONE TENTH to dry your own instead of buying dried foods. That's because food producers charge plenty for the extra processing. If you do it yourself, you pay only for the fresh fruits or vegetables and the electricity to dry them. It can pay for itself in a year!

What foods can you dehydrate?
Almost all fruits, most vegetables, meats (Beef Jerky), fish, herbs, and some dairy products. You can dry everything that you see dried on the grocery shelf: Dried apricots, pineapple, peaches, prunes, pears, dates, garlic, onion, peppers, spices, raisins, and more. 

Can I dry anything besides foods?
Yes, you can. Many of our owners are craftspeople who dry craft projects and decorations. You can dry pet treats. Several dentists dry plaster molds as well!

Who uses dehydrators?
All sorts of people. A lot of gardening families own them or people with special dietary needs. All of our models of  [category_id=15] are the first choice for many following the concepts of "Raw & Living Foods". Outdoorsy people love them - especially hunters and fishermen. People who enjoy gourmet foods are big customers as well as crafts people.

How much electricity do they consume?
The average cost of electricity used by the [category_id=15]Dehydrator[/category_id] is about 2 – 3 cents an hour. Dry a full load of fruits or vegetables for less than a quarter!

How about other forms of food preservation like canning or freezing, aren't they inexpensive, too?
Canning and especially freezing require a first-time investment like a big freezer and repeat investments in supplies like kettles, jars, lids, boxes. Our dehydrators are a one-time purchase, the ONLY equipment you need for a lifetime of drying.

All the other dehydrators I've seen are ROUND. Are these the same as yours?
No! Round dehydrators have significant design flaws that make them inefficient and slow. They're designed for low cost, not high performance like these are. They're made to stack up in sections and they have a heating element in the bottom They have a harder time regulating and circulating heat so temperatures can vary considerably from top to bottom. That means you have to constantly re-stack trays and "baby-sit" the machine. Each tray has limited headroom so you can't dry tall items. And each tray has a "donut hole" which severely limits your ability to dry large items. It can take much longer to dry foods in a round dehydrator then it does in [category_id=15]Square Dehydrators[/category_id]!

Well, then, what's so uniquely different and better about your [category_id=15]?
Best performance: good electrical design, adjustable thermostat, speed, durability, clean-ability, and versatility.

Which type of dehydrator is faster?
The [category_id=15]Square Dehydrators[/category_id] are faster - up to 10 times faster - than common round dehydrators because the fan and the adjustable thermostat really speed things up. Most round dehydrators just radiate heat; they don't direct it. All their shelves share the same warm air which "loads up" with moisture quickly. 

Is an adjustable thermostat important?
Yes, it is. For best flavor, fastest drying, highest nutritional value, and overall versatility, and an adjustable thermostat are a "must".
For example:
Herbs: 95°F 
Cake Decorations: 100 – 110°F 
Yogurt: 115°F 
Vegetables: 125°F
Fruit: 135°F 
Jerky: 145°F 

Can I use my electric rice steamer to blanch or re hydrate foods?
Yes on both counts. Electric steamers are perhaps the best means for blanching because it helps retain water soluble nutrients that are normally lost in water immersion blanching. Steam blanching brings out the foods vivid colors and enhances their natural flavor. An electric steamer is one of the most efficient and successful means of re hydrating foods. The food is placed in the rice bowl, and covered with a liquid. The circulation of the steam will aid in permeating the food and plumping it back to its original, fresh state. For blanching and re hydrating, follow the instructions provided with your steamer for best results.

What is sodium bisulfite?
When mixed with water, sodium bisulfite is a liquid form of sulfur. Using sulfur to pre-treat foods is rooted much further back into dehydrating history than most of the other methods available today. It is the most effective and least expensive anti-oxidant. Use only a food-safe grade of sodium bisulfite that is made especially for dehydration. Note: If subject to sulfur allergic reactions, check with your physician before using sodium bisulfite as a pre-treatment dip.